Hi, I am

Tomáš Střecha,

an year old backend developer.

I code in Java.

Tomáš Střecha

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for your interest in more information about me. I am Tomáš Střecha, a junior backend developer from the Czech Republic. I started to code when I was about 13 years old. I started with C# which was quickly overshadowed by PHP which I felt was much better for me and gave me a lot of knowledge about how websites work - that's both on the back and front end. A year later Spigot, a framework for Java, caught my attention and I started to learn Java. I developed programs in Spigot for 2 years but it felt like I was moving nowhere. I wanted to develop my career and felt Spigot was not the way to do it - unlike Spring, an industry leading a framework for building websites in Java. And then went on to work as a Java developer at BeiT s.r.o. where I still work to this day. Some time later I felt I knew Spring boot well enough to teach other people about it - I contacted ITnetwork, a prominent Czech platform similar to W3Schools. I then went on to become a writer for them and have published over 10 articles as of October 2020.

My experiences

Style Section s.r.o.



2017 - 2019

My whole career started here - this is where I first properly learned Java and OOP. I worked as plugin developer and database manager, even more importantly I learned what teamwork means for programmers.

SEOlight s.r.o.



Feb 2019 - Oct 2019

When I left my previous job as a developer, I started to look for other opportunities. I came across SEOlight, a company specializing in search engine optimalization. My job consisted of writing articles for them.

BeiT s.r.o.



2020 - persists

I missed being a developer, not just a writer. So I accepted an offer from BeiT s.r.o., a company making smart home systems. My role consists of being a backend Java spring boot developer our tools include REST API, Docker, Jenkins and Liquibase. It is also my first experience with microservice structure.




2020 - persists

I view ForestCraft as a side project of mine. I do website backend development for them as a part of a small team of developers of which I am the leader. We use spring boot for website development with jenkins and git integration.




2020 - persists

I enjoyed writing articles, but I wanted to write some about programming. ITNetwork is the biggest network for programmers in the Czech Republic with an extensive database of articles about languages and their frameworks for new programmers to learn from. To this day I continue to write for them about Spring.

You can also download my CV as PDF document by clicking here.

What I work with

Java Spring boot PostgreSQL MySQL Liquibase Git Spigot Docker Jenkins C++ PHP

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